Event Horizon – Harbinger EP Review (Hevy Petal Review)

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New York based rockers Event Horizon are poised to pounce straight into the mainstream music scene. Claiming to be the infusion of many genres of music, from metal toThe Beatles-style of rock, Event Horizon want to put something ‘fresh’ into a stagnated and “repetitive” music industry.

Event Horizon’s modern take on the traditional rock style of music is nothing short of refreshing. Harking back to the glory days of Pearl Jam and the heyday of The Red Hot Chili Peppers, and infusing it with the electronic-rock style of modern day musicians Muse, Event Horizon take their groovy, funk style of rock and bring it into the 21st century by curiously and brilliantly adding in modern elements.

Stylistically, it sounds somewhere between Alter Bridge,(and Human Continuum really sounds like an Alter Bridge track), and Dead By April. The groove really gets the head going, and the shrill, wah-wah’d solos are nothing short of, to use an overused phrase, face-melting.

Vocally, the high pitched sounds of the singing add to the ‘different-yet-nostalgic’ edge to Event HorizonIt’s definitely a new style of singing for this style of music, one that hasn’t been tried (at least successfully) before. It works, too, and makes a listener wonder why it hasn’t worked before. Musically, the band clearly have talent and know how to use their instruments. There’s great variety in the guitar sounds, which go from hard-hitting, crunchy distortion to echoed, space age sounds. The rest of the instruments are clearly audible, in fact this reviewer found himself focusing in on how great the bass guitar sounded over a solo. Not often that happens.

It’s not all grunge and rock, either. Event Horizon have a lot of variety between their tracks, too. For instance, there’s a heck of a long way between the grunge/funk feel on Human Continuum to the softer, more emotional and psychedelic echoes on Sputnik, which seems more like electro-rock than a salute to early grunge/funk. That really shows the band’s talents, and the bonus is that, despite all their songs sound different, they’re all really good to listen to.

Cons – happily, few and far between. The vocals, being so high pitched and different, might not be to everyone’s tastes, or at the very least might take some getting used to, but other than that there’s literally nothing wrong with Event Horizon’s style of music. It actually is a fresh injection into the music industry, and it’s not every day a band actually achieves exactly what they set out to do.

Overall, then, Event Horizon should, in theory, be set for super-stardom very, very soon. Watch their space.


Read the original article here: http://www.hevypetal.com/release-reviews/1094/event-horizon–harbinger-ep

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